We advise clients on how to make the most of their income and assets, taking account of their current situation, aims and objectives, attitude to risk and other circumstances that affect or could affect those plans.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is no longer simply about funding a pension, it requires a strategy in order to meet a person’s income and capital requirements in retirement.

Investment Management

There is a much wider choice of investment vehicles than most people realise.

In the main, the difference from one investment vehicle to the next is due to the tax treatment which is why they are often referred to as tax wrappers when defining different types of products or investments.

Estate Planning

The most effective estate planning begins with deciding how the estate can be distributed to the intended beneficiaries over time, whilst ensuring that the owner of the assets retains adequate provision for their current and future needs.

Family Protection

As important as other things are, there remains the need to provide for your loved ones if you are no longer able to.

For most of us family protection will often start with the first property purchase.

The principal is to ensure that on death the liability is offset by the appropriate level of cover.


The name Godalming comes from the area belonging to ‘Godhelm’s people’. This Godhelm was, according to local legend, a fierce and bloodthirsty English pagan warrior.

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