Family Protection

As important as other things in life are – enjoying the moment, holidays, saving for special occasions, there remains the need to provide for your loved ones if you are no longer able to.

For most people this can be provided through life assurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance.

The most important aspect is to assess the financial impact on your family if you are no longer able to generate an income, so that the policy can be tailored to meet your specific requirements or budget.

Talking about death, disability or severe illness is not an easy subject but to ignore it could lead to unintended financial consequences for your loved ones.

We offer advice on the full range of family protection on a fee basis.

Types of Cover

Term Assurance policies provide death only cover for a specific period of time and are often linked to mortgages or school fees.

Whole of life assurance ensures a level of cover is provided for a person’s entire life. These are often used to provide cover for Inheritance Tax liabilities and so it is often joint life, second death.

These policies provide cover for a specific liability but where the policy will pay out on the diagnosis of a severe illness as opposed to death. However, the condition must be listed in the policy terms.

The desire to protect a loss of earnings as a result of an illness or incapacity.

Policies will often include a deferral period and cover can be geared towards your own specific occupation or any occupation.

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